!úl.. ( the only correct spelling ) Five friends, five punks, playing their passion - metal with hardcore-punk overtones. Sometimes frosty black, sometimes death, sometimes thrash metal... We do not hold much on music genre. We consider hardcore punk as a platform of free thinking and individual freedom, we do NOT accept any form of oppression. This demands absolutely no tolerance of fascists or communists, spreading their ideologies through music. Our message is quite simple: to observe what we are surrounded by. Everyday struggles, social routines, personal reflections and to bring to light the way we live - why we do not eat animals, why we do not see cruelty on animals as something commonplace or acceptable. We are not fundamentalists. We do not want to force anybody to change their habits, but we do want to make people think, and to consider what we think about them There is not The band or The audience. We make an effort as much as we can to clear the barrier between us and you. That is the reason we prefer playing at smaller venues, though we have played several huge concerts, which cannot be forgotten. We have shared the stage with bands such as Narziss, Deadlock, Heaven shall burn, Fall of serenity, Plastic people of the universe, Julith Krishun, Caliban, Sunrise, Liar, In other climes, My autumn, Ingrowing, Flowers for whores, Lahar, Balaclava, Diphetria, Sinaloa, Bridge to solace, Cultura tres, Urin, Mosambic, 5symbols, Sunhasgone, Thema11, Nueva Etica...... ...

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