These dudes play in a bunch of awesome bands in this city. Bands like Horses, Come Clean, and World War I. You should listen to them if you like Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music, or Satanic Surfers. You should be friends with them on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/attentionpp. Courtesy of Jonathon Hunter: !ATTENTION! started as a concept for a two-piece pop-punk band (Scott Pasko on drums and Jonathon Hunter on baritone guitar) and ended up something (almost) completely different. In a span of about two weeks, the band gained three new members, Glenn Barrington (vocals), Nathan Richards (guitar), and Jim Scarth (bass) and developed the songs into something that would make their sixteen-year-old selves crap their pants. Jonathon, Nathan, Glenn, and Jim have been playing in bands together since the mid-nineties and, about a year ago, Jonathon met Scott on a commercial shoot (Scott was there because he had tattoos). As Scott and Jonathon developed songs together, they hung out, drank beers, and discovered that they grew up on the same fast punk beats and catchy guitar hooks, so clearly these five dudes were born to play in a band together. In January 2009, !ATTENTION! began the recording of a five-song demo which, using Jim’s talent for recording and free equipment rentals from his workplace, was recorded in their poster-clad jam space. Nathan was in town on one of his frequent (yet fleeting) stints in the city, so he was naturally thrown into the mix. Glenn, overwhelmed fro...

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