!rUDe bOi_selecTaH!

This is a southern california native, Rasta Selectah & inspiring Soundman. Has a specialty in playing Digital Roots, Roots Reggae, Lover Rock, DUB, DEEJAY, Sing-Jay & Of course Sound System Vibes.The main area identifing is roots reggae in the genre golden era of reggae & UK DUB . Born in 1983 in San Diego CA, unsigned and looking to move san diego roots scen back to the golden area. The Sing-JaY/ Deejay toaster style is one of the most underated styles in reggae. His stage name is !rUDe bOi_seLecTaH! and is currently gather enough equipment and followers of this style to bring it out in san diego. Rude bOi gives credit to the True Christ whom Jah sent to correct man crooked path. Jah Shaka, Blackheart Warriors, Zion Love SOund System, Aps SOund SySTem, RAS KUSH, King Shiloh, CULTUREBASS, SUFFERERSSTONE HI-FI, King Earthquake, Aba Shanti i U-Roy, ranking toyan, ranking roy, clint eastwood, yellowman, billy boyo, ranking ann, lui lepki, papa tullo, jah thomas, King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Jujo Lawes, lee van cliff, Jah Meditation, welton irie, sister nancy, early b, u-brown, big youth, prince jazzbo, lord sir comic, i-roy, captain sinbad, Bush Chemist, ranking joe, lone ranger, eek a mouse, purpleman, general echo, king mellow yellow , General Pacani, Ras Mykal, Malcom X, massive dread, ranking dread, prince far i, DJ APR, jah stitch, papa bruce, papa michigan and general saint to name a few he credits as motivation. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available und...

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