Ángel Vargas

Jose Angel Lomio, better known as Ángel Vargas (Buenos Aires, October 22, 1904 - July 7, 1959) was an Argentine tango singer. In the late 1940s he formed a duo with pianist Ángel d'Agostino. This duo was one of the leading exponents of tango in Argentina. Born in the neighbourhood of Barracas, Buenos Aires, he began singing in the 1930s in the orchestra of Augusto Pedro Berto under the pseudonym Carlos Vargas. In 1932 he met Ángel d'Agostino. and they did some shows together. In 1938 he recorded some songs with the Orquesta Típica Victor. In 1940 he achieved fame when he joined the band of Ángel d'Agostino as lead singer and begin to record for RCA Victor. 93 recordings were made ​​between that year and 1946, which are essential works of twentieth century tango. He then formed his own orchestra, but without the success of the previous period. It included Luis Stazo and José Libertella, among others. He died at the early age of 54 while still active as a singer. Among his most memorable tangos are Tres esquinas, Muchacho, Agua florida, Mano blanca and the waltz Esquinas porteñas. His nickname was The Nightingale of the streets of Buenos Aires. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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