From its humble beginning in February of 2010, Ásjón have followed their own path while remaining unafraid to wear their influences on their sleeves. After growing tired of playing metal Viktor Aron Bragason and Gunnlaugur Atli Tryggvason decided to try their hand at a blend of shoegaze and dream pop more related to the new wave in France than the original movement (AKA the scene that celebrated itself) in the UK. Shortly thereafter longtime friend and collaborator Ísak Jónsson joined in as a drummer and the trio set about writing several songs. After trying out a few vocalists Ásjón found their perfect match in Lena Mist in March of 2011. Following a year of rigorous rehearsals and recording sessions the band signed up for the Icelandic Battle of the Bands (Músíktilraunir) where they brought home the prize for the best lyrics. Although the band had a growing fan base, in Iceland and abroad, several line-up changes sadly resulted in the demise of the band in February of 2013. Almost a year later Lena and Viktor decided to rekindle the spark that once was and started recording new material with this new simplified line-up. Exciting times are up ahead for the newly reformed band and whether you enjoy gazing at shoes or the stars try directing your eyes toward our little island in the Atlantic every now and then to make sure you don’t miss a single dreamy composition for this dynamic duo. http://www.soundcloud.com/asjonmusic. http://www.facebook.com/asjonice Read mor...

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