Änglagård is a progressive rock band from Sweden formed in 1991 by guitarist and vocalist Tord Lindman and bassist Johan Högberg. Their primary influences included bands such as King Crimson, Genesis, Trettioåriga Kriget, Schicke Führs Fröhling, Van Der Graaf Generator, and other bands of the 1970s. They released two albums, Hybris (1992) and Epilog (1994), as well as a live album (Buried Alive (1994), taken from a 1992 festival appearance) before breaking up. Their first two studio albums are among the most highly regarded progressive works of the 1990s by fans of the genre. Their music is entirely instrumental (aside from some sparse vocals in songs such as Vandringar I Vilsenhet and the bonus track Gånglåt från Knapptibble) and features gentle passages for flute, mellotron, and acoustic guitar contrasted with louder passages of complex rhythms, angular melodies, electric guitar and Hammond organ. Änglagård split up in 1994. They played some reunion concerts in 2002 and 2003, but no new releases. In 2009 Mattias Olsson confirmed that the band had been recording new material on his MySpace blog, though no release date or title for the new material was announced. In 2010 Johan Brand annouced that the band has been working over the third album since 2008 on the official Facebook page and that the songs are set to be recorded. The band's third album, Viljans öga, was released on July 31, 2012. Full lineup: Jonas Engdegård (Guitars) Thomas Johnson (Keyboards, ...

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