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É o Tchan! (not to be confused with the ghettotech producer/DJ tchan) is a popular axé music group from Salvador, Brasil. Originally called Gera Samba, they exploded onto the scene with their hit single 'Segura o Tchan'. Their first album, called É o Tchan (1995), sold into triple platinum. After legal problems, the name of the band changed from Gera Samba to É o Tchan and with this name, they released the album 'Na Cabeça e na Cintura' [In the Head and In the Waist]. The group became popular because of the combination of catchy music and pointless lyrics, with choreography performed by two dancers, a blonde (loira do Tchan) and a brunette (morena do Tchan). Both became big stars and did Playboy covers, with the Carla Perez cover being the bestselling until 1999, when the Tiazinha and Feiticeira issues outsold her. The brunette dancer, Scheila, was also a big star. Both dancers wore little tops and bootie shorts. The male dancer was, and still is, Afro-Brazilian Edson Gomes Cardoso Santos aka Jacaré. Carla Perez was very popular among kids and teenagers, and so was the group. Many licensed products were released under her image, such as costumes, sticker albums and bootie shirts. Their 1996 album was the best-selling of the year, selling over 2 million copies in Brazil, and in 1997 they released another huge hit, the album 'É o Tchan do Brasil'. The album sold, again, over 2 million copies and was the best-selling of the year. It was released after the brunette da...

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