Thanks for listening to Spleen (Collective) Please become a listener on the new page: http://www.last.fm/music/spleen+Collective Spleen is now a collective with Tomas Vink (drums, electronica), Roel Goovaerts (bass, keyboards), Arconic (vocals, violin) and Subtiv (visuals). Thanks Lennart - Spleen --------------------------------------- Spleen is the artistname of Lennart Vanstaen. Born in Belgium, Antwerp (1987) he was raised with good music in his direct enviroment. After playing in several rockbands for some years he realised he wanted to play the music that suited his soul. He adored bands like Radiohead, Eels, Sigur Ros, Björk, Mum and The Album Leaf, which form his main influences. It must be said Lennart has a special band with the band Radiohead, the love goes very far. He started experimenting with software, guitar and a midi-keyboard. After a while came 'Sun Salution', the first song of Spleen, a name specificly chosen because it meant what Lennart considered himself to be devoted to, that is melancholy. After a sort of Aha-erlebnis he came up with the genre 'Melantronica', derived from melancholy and electronica, of which Lennart thought it fitted with his music and atmosphere perfectly. After a while, the songs came faster and got better and more complex. Spleen's music has been called 'film music' a lot of times, and on myspace he became friends with Sophie Vanhomwegen, a talented girl active in photography and even more in video's. She fell in love wit...

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