't Hof van Commerce

't Hof van Commerce (The Court of Commerce) is one of the exponents of the wave of frithop groups that made a breakthrough in Belgium in 1998. This scene is a bunch of hiphop groups who are rapping in their own dialect. The most peculiar thing about 't Hof van Commerce is the fact they rap in the dialect of West-Flanders, the coast province of Belgium. This makes them hard to understand by the average Flemish or Dutch people, but this gimmick could also be accountable for their increased popularity. The weirdness factor? The group is more old school than ABN, but not as plainly commercially oriented as for instance KIA. Their raps are not as politically spiced, but generally very funny. As Levrancier said to The Mix (which did an article on Frithop on March 11, 1998) We don't keep our mouths shut, though. Maybe we haven't been born in a slum, but if something has to be said, we won't back out. We rap about everything: our school experiences, women, drugs, Satan, God, The Middle Ages, you name it. But mainly we rap about how good we think we are. In the spring of 1998, a bit of a controversy stirred the reader-sections of the press (especially in Humo, but even in the Forum of this website you'll find traces of it) between the fans of 't Hof and those of ABN. DJ 4T4 about this (in an interview with RifRaf, July '98) : All that bullshit about ABN should really stop now. I never even met these blokes. That crap about who is the bigget hiphop-head, is seriously getting on ...

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