Scandal project was born on December 2001. Luis Quintana (guitar) and Sandra Candal (voices), after playing in different bands, decided to work together and to record 9 tracks which would become their first LP Famous After Death. The project was self-edited in Bonham recording studios, with the help of Jose Bonham. He collaborated on the production and he played drums in all the songs. The CD was successful between Galician public and in few weeks 200 copies were sold. That is the reason why people wanted to see Scandal live. They were invited to collaborate in differents projects like the Cabo Sam Lourenzo festival at the Sala Nasa in Santiago de Compostela, but the truth was the band Scandal did not exist! Because of that, Scandal decided to search for a sound band. The guitarist David Pazos was the first incorporation and thanks his musical influences he was able to blend and strenghten the sound of the band with his talent. The band played during two years in all Galician county in umplugged and in electrical format. The success of this tour motivated the members of Scandal. They finally decided to record their second work. This second CD, because of different reasons, became a EP of only four songs called “Scandal still kickin’”. The inclusion, in the middle of 2008, of Ale Cambón (bass) and Bruno Couceiro (drums) allowed Scandal to go to Visue Recording Studios (www.estudiosvisue.com) to prepare the recording of their third work Time for Heroes which has ...

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