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The band was founded in 17 of April 2006. Then it consisted of 4 persons. The band’s leader and founder – Vitaliy Gabelkov (guitar / vocal). He played in such bands as Crystal Tears (death-doom), Vae Solis (black). The drummer - Sergey Yatsenko. He was the singer in band Burning Spirit (black). Bass – Alexey Ruban. He didn’t take part in the other metal formations.The role of master of symphony belong to jazz-musician Ivan Danilets. First appearance on public took part in city Krivoi Rog, 13 of January 2007, in local art-club Paradox with Awoken (Odessa) and Untitled (Kiev). The next concert was in 27 of January DK Pervomay, city Krivoi Rog with bands Izmena (Kremenchug), Eto samoe (Krivoi Rog) and Inferum (Krivoi rog). On third appearance band moved off native city to Kremenchug with cult doom-metal choir Mournful Gust, 5 of March 2007, where they played with such collectives like Izmena (Kremenchug), Sheloch (Kremenchug) and Rottensound (Poltava) . Then there was the next concert in art-club Paradox in common with Sheloch (Kremenchug), Inferum (Krivoi Rog) and DOGMA (Krivoi Rog) in 14 of April 2007. In 16 of June band was invited to play on Metal Storm Blast festival, which was in Nikolaev. In this event took part local bands Magvood, Utburd, Carnival, and as well inviting ...Of Celestial friendly band from Krivoi Rog - DOGMA. Equally with active beginning of the summer, generalized making and playing material, band began work at recording debut album with work-name E...

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