...Of Dream And Drama

...Of Dream and Drama were formed some time back in 1995 in Mérida-Badajoz, Spain. After several changes concerning the name of the band, the band members decided themselves for the title of the nowadays world-wide famous song by Moonspell. The original line-up was as follows; José A. Gallego (guitars) Miguel Núñez (bass) Miguel A. Serradilla (vocals) José F. Moscatel (guitars) Juan A. Jiménez (drums) The quintet first demo-tape was recorded in 1996 facing great adversities. It was entitled “Autumn Overture”. The track-list of this demo is as follows: 1.Autumn Overture (Intro) 2.Bleeding Soul 3.Scars 4.Smell of Incense (Tiamat cover) 5.Serenity. This work was partly distributed by Repulse Records, a company settled in Madrid and ruled by Dave Rotten and other members of the Spanish best-known death metal act ever, Avulsed. Consequently, it reached some European and even Asian and North African and Central American countries. The band recorded a few new songs later in 1997. Those compositions were never released, therefore, that work did not have any official title or cover artwork. Note: The version of Mirage appearing in MySpace is the one recorded during those sessions and the cover can be labelled as unofficial. Right after the recording of those songs, internal problems leaded to a line-up change. Samuel J. became part of the ...Of Dream and Drama universe as the lead guitar, whereas José F.M. found his way out of the band. The new line-up got i...

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