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...Of Sinking Ships started in 2001 as the experimental project of Chad Waldrup. Interested in exploring experimental music, Chad focused on creating beautiful and thoughtful music without the sometimes distracting presence of lyrical and vocal content. He went into the studio and recorded his music, playing every instrument himself. The collection of songs he then decided to compile into an album, and titled the project Of Sinking Ships. As Chad's involvement at the time with Hopesfall demanded his full attention, Of Sinking Ships remained a side project consisting mainly of CDs sold at shows and occasionally via e-mail. In the summer of 2003, Chad made the difficult decision to leave Hopesfall and pursue a professional opportunity. As such, he has found time to begin writing more music. Starting back in 2001, after moving back to North Carolina, Chad began playing music on the side with good friend Johnathan Abernathy. Through several twists and turns involving different experimental directions, full time touring with Hopesfall, and playing with several different friends, they met up with Elijah Moseley who filled the empty spot on drums. Finally being a settled three-piece, Of Sinking Ships was free to become its current manifestation featuring Chad on guitar, Elijah on the drums, and Jonathan on the bass. Of Sinking Ships is now eagerly waiting performing and recording. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; a...

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