.NEMA formed in the western suburbs of Detroit in the summer of 1995. Its origins can be traced directly back to the heshing out activities of emo-turned-crusty youngster Eric Prozac and former Ottawa vocalist Jeff Rice. Heshing out generally involved a cheap 40 ouncer accompanied by a tape of either Bolt Thrower or Hellhammer while sitting on the front stoop of Prozac's apartment in Westland. It was under these circumstances of sheer suburban boredom that the first chords of many future .NEMA classics were first strummed. The initial line up consisted of Prozac on guitar, Rice on vocals, Council Records mogul Matt Weeks on second guitar, HC hearthrob and Abiology Records CEO Eric Kane on vocals, and party animal Sean Pettibone on drums. After a few practices, Lars the Mack Makie added his bass talents and Kim Henninger became a ludicrous 3rd member of the .NEMA vocal troupe. This line-up was responsible for the atrocious self-titled demo that Council/Abiology released in August 1995. Aside from some humorous between song soundbites, this demo is an absolutely mundane exercise in mid-90s power violence/grindcore tedium. Immediately following the release of the demo, Pettibone was jettisoned from the line-up and replaced with legendary Jaks/Bedwetters drummer Shawn Gates. This line-up made several live appearances and released two 7 EPs- one self-titled 7 and a split 7 with Ontario thrashers Warfare State (future members of Rammer and Born Dead Icons). After a brief string o...

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