.hiDDen tiMe.

Formed in the summer of 2006 like a 5-pieces melodeth act, nowadays .hiDDen tiMe. seems to be more then another one “in-flames-like band ?47586458478”. Being a strange mix of different styles, their music makes you walking on a thin edge between an uncompromising aggression of old-school thrash metal, really catching melodies and some groovy elements. Since 2006 until 2008 the band couldn’t find a singer to perform with them constantly, so their first demo, called “Out Of Control”, was recorded in 2007 with the help of guest vocalist. The new era in the .hiDDen tiMe. history has begun in the spring of 2008, when the band’s masterminds Alena Guindina (lead guitar) and Mikhail Korneev (rhythm guitar&clean voices) made a decision to perform all the vocal parts themselves. In the end of summer 2008 a second demo, called “Delete.Repeat.Complete”, was recorded. It became a kind of “vocal debut” for the band’s lead guitarist Alena, whose talent in screaming was pretty surprising both for the band’s fans and for other .hiDDen tiMe.’s members)) Inspired with pretty positive feed-back from the fans and Russian metal community, .hiDDen tiMe. continued to perform their live shows, also working on the stuff for their debut album. The band's full-lengh debut, called Fake Life/Real Pain was out at the September of 2010 by Russian metal major Irond Ltd. Current line up: Mikhail miguel_alvarez Korneev - guitars, vox (clean/growl) Alena hella_kettunen Gindina - guitars, vox (...

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