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.rod laver was a Christian rapcore group from originating from Los Angeles. Their sound was similar to that of Korn, Limp Bizkit, or Kid Rock, but as the personnel lineup changed the group wavered from a rock-grounded sound to one based in hip hop, then back again. Their name has no spiritual meaning, but was derived from an incident in which the entire band was wearing Rod Laver branded shoes from Adidas. .Rod Laver was active between 1999 to 2005* *though .rod laver was never officially disbanded, it is clear the project won't return soon* 2005 to present Rudy Nielson vocalist of .Rod Laver is currently the (head coach) of Outlaw Cross-Fit: an affiliate of CrossFit Rudy had officially begun his transition to a career in sports after 6 years of touring with .Rod Laver during this period of inactivity Rudy got a degree in sports & recreation then later decided to be a personal trainer where he became a gym director for a short period until in 2005, in which he purchased an affiliate and opened CrossFit Outlaw's doors in 2007 since 2007 Rudy and his extensive work has made Outlaw into one of the most successful CrossFit affiliates in the country winning 2011 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional Women’s Champion, Becky Conzelman in the same year of 2011, Rudy Nielson had also married Laura Demarco. as mentioned in a youtube video in channel: CrossFit not much else is known about any of the other members of .Rod Laver. but its quite certain a return is unlikely Re...

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