The band formed in very late 1995 as a 3-piece, but with no particular drummer. As time progressed, Jock appeared, and found himself sat behind a drum kit, in between Alex and Dave, both holding guitars. With Distortion at the ready and inexhaustible youth energy, the WD started playing their first songs, 'Boo', and 'Freaky (untitled)'. After a while, their song listing grew to over 200, most of which were never used, but they were there, and that was all that mattered. On Thursday 13th March 1997, Willful Damage made their debut performance to a crowd of about 30 at 'The Sweatbox' in Wantage with Outbreak and Lunahead. Over-practising and huge amounts of nerves made the gig a disaster. The summer came, and the band decided to find a second guitarist. After an unsuccessful search, Jock went up to the front line, and the search for a new Drummer was now on. Al and Dave managed to find Rich, lingering in their school, and tried him out. You can probably guess what happened next. You can't? What a dumb-arse. He Joined The Band. With the new line-up, all but one of the previous songs were scrapped, the one being 'It'. Luck came their way, with a gig 2 weeks after Rich joining, at the 'Talent Extravaganza', a concert held at their school on the 20th of September 1997, raising funds for a group of pupils going to the inaccurately named Rock Challenge. Anyway, this gig went particularly well, and got the word of Willful Damage spread throughout the school. ...

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