000 is an Audio/Visual creative entity, striving to create inherently fused synaesthetic animations and music, via programming organic generative systems based on human genetic mutation algorithms, designing hyperdetailed soundscapes and intricate rhythmic designs. He balances this extremely technical science of rhythm with expressive humanistic melodies played by hand on many organic instruments. His work deals with abstractions of space and reality, inspired by science and the fractalized beauty of nature. Growing up in Detroit with a robotics engineer for a father, he would wander through giant industrial buildings full of massive mechanical machines, eyes widened by their astonishing complexity. During the explosion of the electronic music culture, he performed alongside the early icons and innovators of Techno such as Juan Atkins, and Aux88. Interpolated amidst the Techno and hiphop scenes, he produced for many Detroit hip hop artists and even performed at a show with Wu-Tang Clan. Now his shows are with his fellow madmen Jimmy Edgar, Richard Devine, and Otto Von Schirach. He has played events at prestigeous art venues like Museum of Contemporary Art, Cranbrook Art Community and Miami Art Central. He has done interactive audio/visual installations, cutting edge sensor dance performances, published albums of music on Planet-mu, Sublight, and Detroit Underground record labels, and screened films in festivals worldwide. 000 is also the name of an Utaite on Nico Nico Doug...

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