004 band was born on a summer holiday 2002. After few months of rehearsals they have formed starting line-up: Seevy - vocal, guitar; Mayo - drums, Dzynek - guitar and Fishdick - bass. They left their former bands (Shame, Sagittarius, Deafliar) and stand together and took the name - 004 - from the one of the condoms model ultra thin bigger desire. It was perfect, different sound in every language. And it contained number 4 - the best number of rock band members. As a hot beginning they started in October 2002 with Acid Drinkers, playing their first gig ever. The place - Akademia one of the most famous music clubs in Poland. Few days before they have recorded they first record - short EP called - 5 brand new compositions (Negative, Puke, Zonk, Born, Sleep&Live). 004 started to play concerts as well. It was few gigs promoting called I'm gonna puke tour. They were guests of radio stations, newspapers, magazines and internet services. Starting from May 2003 group changed a little bit… Seevy left Poland for some time. He stayed still in band and every three months he was coming back and playing with 004. Dzynek has been replaced by Stona, cool guitarist, taken from Aguri Montatorii hc-band. In this shape 004 has been working for half a year preparing songs for a new album El Diablo. On the summer holiday 004 played a lot of gigs. One of them was a performance on the Slot Art Festival in Lubiaz, Poland. El Diablo came out on Saturday, the 2nd of October 2005. It contained 11 son...

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