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ABOUT: 00tz 00tz (spelled with zeros & pronounced like the sound of the beat in electronic music, namely Industrial music) is an Industrial band that was originally created in late 2008. 00tz 00tz was initially an instrumental music project that was headed by it’s then sole member Nicky Phoenix. Later with the addition of vocalist and writer Krysta Veronica Button, 00tz 00tz has evolved to become the musical dynamic driving force behind dance floors worldwide. Incorporating hard pounding beats, flashy melodic synths, and thought provoking vocals, their sound and live performances are not to be missed. RELEASES: DEATH BY NUMBERS is the debut album, released on August 29, 2009 on Island City Records. It featured a fury of harsh grooves, distorted beats & flashy synths of instrumental music created by Nicky Phoenix with the assistance of Krysta Veronica Button with added samples. FREQUENCY DAMAGE is the second full length album, released on October 5, 2010 on Island City Records. Frequency Damage is comprised of Industrial Music featuring full Vocals done by Krysta Veronica Button, along with a few additional vocals by Nicky Phoenix and various added samples. FREQUENCY REPAIRED is an EP of Remixes by other Industrial Artists featuring Assemblage 23, Aesthetic Perfection and others. Release date February 15, 2011 on island City Records. ALTER EDEN, Release on September 18, f 2012 on Nilaihah Records, is the band's 3rd full length and newest release. This album takes on many...

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