0801弐209XX6 -ゼロハチ- is a japanese visual kei band formed in 2012/05/07. They were formerly known as 0801弐209336 -ゼロハチゼロイチニーニーゼロキュウサンサンロク- which formed in 2009 , but decided to change a new name as in Japanese short-term pronunciation will be -ゼロハチ- (Ze Ro Ha Chi) . It consists of the same members as 0801弐209336 . 0801弐209XX6 Members: Vocal: ゆかり-yukari- (ex- SILVER BEAST → re:Make → 0801弐209336) Guitar:耶月-yazuki- (ex- Embrace of Maria → ディオドヌール → カレヰド -> re:Make → 0801弐209336) Guitar:颯希-satsuki- (→ 0801弐209336) Bass:Sakiya (ex- re:Make → Squall → 0801弐209336) Drums:遊影-yue- (ex- Rey la EstRellA → ○なるど → ArecsiA → 0801弐209336) 0801弐209XX6 Discography: 2011.11.30 「http://www.彼氏募集中.jp」(Single) 2012.06.27 「コンプリートガチャ」(Live Distributed Free Single) 2012.09.12 「真実はオレンジとソルトで出来ている」(Mini Album) 2012.09.12 「嘘は林檎とシュガーで出来ている」(Mini Album) 2013.05.22 「鮪の憂鬱」(Single) 2013.05.22 「曇りの日に45口径の使い方」(Single) 2013.10.16 「0801弐209XX6はバンド友達が少ない」(Single) 2014.04.24 「彼らは禁断の呪文を唱えた。」(Album) (for Previous Discography release as 0801弐209336) 0801弐209XX6OFFICIAL WEB SITE Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is availabl...

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