1, 2, 3 Walrus!

Late 2007: Zak Kaszynski and Lars Roeder move in together on the 3rd floor of Wentz Hall at UWL, Patrick Carthey and Casey Hautala move in together just down the hall, and Bob Tolson moves in on the 1st floor. They all run into each other and realize they all play instruments. Bob's roommate Tanner Classon is drafted as the guitarist and the band never rehearses. Also of note, Bob asks Sam Shilts to be the drummer the same day Zak asks Lars to be the drummer, and shit gets awkward. 2008: We all quit marching band 'cause it sucked and realize that not playing really really loud music kinda sucks too. Lars drops out of Jazz II and guitarist Neil Ferris transfers to UWL and into the jazz program where Bob and Zak meet him. He becomes the full-time guitarist. The band plays their first show in April in the Wentz Hall basement where Casey has trouble standing up with his sousaphone because the fucking ceiling is too low. Shows would continue through early 2nd semester of that year basically making it by on hits like Sock Monkey Fossils and I'm So Cool for every set, which are recorded around this time and take a year to mix. Later that semester Bob shows up late to rehearsal in a shitty mood and shortly thereafter Neil quits (and now has his own jazz quartet, go check them out!). Neil agrees to play the rest of the scheduled shows...very important venues like the field in front of the CFA and a nearly empty park hut in Myrick. The most noteable moment from this year would be t...

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