10 Minute Warning

In 1983 10 Min. Warning was formed by the demise of The Fartz with Paul Solger (of The Fags ) on guitar and Duff McKagan (of The Fastbacks and The Fartz) on drums but he moved to guitar when Greg Gilmore was added. Blaine Cook on vocals, David Garrigues on bass. Their name is in relation to how much time an average person will have before a nuclear missile hits a city. In 83 Blain left to join The Accused, he was replaced by Steve Verwolf. David and Duff also left in 83, he was replaced by Daniel House (of Feedback). In 84' the band went into the studio to record their first album but it was never released. In late 84 Paul and Greg left and the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Greg went to Los Angles where he met back up with Duff and played a few shows with Road Crew. He later moved back to Seattle and played with Skin Yard, Mother Love Bone and many others. Duff got the band more national aclaim when he played bass in metal band Guns N' Roses Daniel went on to form Skin Yard. He now owns C/Z Records. Paul played in Meddaphysical (he also co-wrote the Green River song Rehab Doll). In 96' after an 11 year break the band got back together with new vocalist Christopher Blue, David back on bass and Duff and Greg. In 98' they put out their first recording. It is a self titled CD on Sub Pop records with Charles Peterson doing the photography and produced by Jack Endino. The band broke up in 98'. Greg is now playing with a new band called Radio Chongching. ...

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