100 Elephants

http://www.t100e.com/ Who are you? Basically a long time friends that manage to create new tunes, do some rehearsals and play live even if we´re not able to meet phisically! You don´t work together? No! Uhmmm.... yes!! I mean, we´re living in diferent cities and working in different bussiness and is dificult for us to meet regulary, but we got the internet as the way to work as a team. We constantly -when we are able- are working in different aspects of the band, making tunes, doing the web , remaking old tunes, etc... Why you give for free your music? What we basically want is that our music arrive to the maximum number of listener, to try to find people that will like our music or feel it like we do or just like to observe us. And we thought that giving our music for free will help this. The Band: Jordi Molas The guy that plays everything, songwriter, video creator, photographer, big family man!! We tell him: Stop!!!! Ata The bohemian guitarrist, He hypnotizes us with his melodies and atmospheres... also pianist, He always show us the serious way! Leff He is a kind of frustrated singer/guitarrist/producer. We suspect he is with us to forget his nightmares and pains... Francesc Our recently signed Drummer! He´s adding a prominent plus on our music... soon you´ll know more about him. Mia Falgueras We asked him for help to promote us... buy He takes the full responsability to try to manage a band full of wild artits. He is crazy! Read more on...

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