100 múch

The Biography of amateur Slovak band 100 Múch (100 Flies in english) is quite short and simple. The band emerged in 2005 after graduating from some kind of art school. 100 Múch consists of six members / Martin Novák, Marcela Vilhanová, Lucia Šusteková, Juraj Haško, Miroslav Páv and Hollub/ with rich musical past / chlidren´s choir Zvonček (Bell), experimental groups Cementón (Concrete), Hasiaci Prístroj (Fire Extinguisher), Melódie Priateľstva (Melodies of Friendship)/. The group´s first live performance happened in Banska Bystrica´s Beerhall, featuring songs from band´s chief Juraj Haško. Main themes of 100 Múch´s lyrics are draft, weddings, feather sorting /ancient slovak craft/ animal protection and, in general, looking for their own answer to the question of life, universe and everything. Band´s music is based on quarter-chords: d, G7, Bmaj7, A7+ and strict harmony rules. In terms of genre, they can be described as enviromental-funky-underground with local influences, self described as Hit-Hop. The Band won a 2007 Best Alternative Record at Aurel awards. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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