1000 Plane Raid

Location: Maryville, Tennessee Members: Jacob Kirby - Vocals Justin Thomas - Guitar Steve-o Sperling - Guitar Brandon Proffitt - Guitar Ragan Young - Guitar (When Justin is away) Zen Brown - Bass Brad Rosson - Drums & Percussion About: 1000 Plane Raid is a deathcore band attempting to add some different and refreshing ideas to the genre. The shreddage, breakdowns, slams, and brutal gutturals are all there, but combined with unique and ambient synths with uplifting melodies and unpredictable changes in the structure and mood of the music. The band in just a year after recruiting a proper lineup has written and released a successful EP, gathered a large following, received endorsements and sponsorships, and has built a strong reputation in the local metal scene and surrounding areas. 1000 Plane Raid with it's interesting yet heavy sound will lure you in with catchy melodic and uplifting passages, then quickly knock you back with disgustingly heavy and groovy slams. Influences: Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Contortionist, The Faceless, Rings of Saturn, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Polyphia, Impending Doom, Tool, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Periphery, Past members Kaleb Carringer - Vocals John-Robert Whittington - vocals Robert Greene - vocals Graylyn Willocks - vocals Michael Smith - guitar/vocals Ben Ford - guitar Aubrey Upton - bass Charlie Trentham - bass Bands played with: City In The Sea Scent of Remains Divided We Stand Volumes White Stag ...

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