100 DEAD formerly 100DEADRABBITS!!! is a Nintendocore band from Orange County, California. They combine many elements of death metal, metalcore, trance, aggrotech/industrial, breakbeat, and 8-bit, fusing them together. Many of their songs are based on some form of geek culture, such as video games and viral videos, but also include more serious, underlying topics in each song. They have gained a lot of buzz in the underground music community and continually growing and refining their sound. In June 2007, 100DEADRABBITS!!! was started as a solo cybergrind project by Robert Robinson out of boredom. He released one demo a few weeks into the project, called The American Wet Dream, before being joined about a month later by Erick Lopez. With the addition of Erick, also came a heavy use of synths, and 100DR started creating their signature sound. After two more demo releases in 2007 (Do Reploids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Teeth), and still not satisfied with the sound of programmed guitar and bass, 100DR added friends Kurt Swensson (ex-guitar 07-08) and Eduardo Ruelas (bass) to the lineup. Only a few songs were written and recorded with Kurt before he left the band, after a mutual decision. He was replaced by Steve Lamas in the fall of 2008. 100DR then recorded their first demo featuring real guitars, Guardians. They began play shows in December 2008 and have been playing regularly in Southern California ever since. They are currently working on their first full-le...

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