the k(Ba&Prog) noah(Vo&Gu) Sally(Dr) 101A were formed in 2002 when Noah (vocals and guitar) and The K (bass) left their previous bands and started working on their first album together. The album „01“ was released a year later. The story of formation of the band was completed 6 years ago when Sally (drums) joined the band. Their music is described by themselves, as a mixture of shoegaze, grunge, J-rock, new wave, techno, progressive, and that mixture has spawned four albums so far: „01”, „One Day”, „Lethe” and „4”. Voice is sheer and whimsical. Sound waves are like sucking in air. Various pieces remind you of shoegazer, grunge, industrial, Bristol sound etc. each of them evokes different collors and images, and brings the uniqueness of 101A from different angles. Their first performance outside Japan was in London in 2005, and the following year they are returning to the Old Continent to perform in Belgium and France. After this, numerous European and Asian concerts become an inevitable part of new album promotion. In 2013 they had a big tour in Serbia where they performed at many venues, including Japanizam which is the biggest convention about Japanese pop culture in Serbia and south-east Europe, so as at one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, EXIT. Official website: http://101a.org Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/101Aofficial Twitter info: http://twitter.com/_101A Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/101amusic Read more on Last.fm. ...

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