11 As In Adversaries

11 As In Adversaries is a Metal / Rock / Psych project from Paris, France that aims to offer an alternative to a swamp of occasionnally limited artists. Brought into existence in early 2010 by a vehement duo comprises of J. (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and G. (Drums), the Adversaries are messing around with the codes, mixing extreme metal and surprising indie tunes together in a massively demented debut album: The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light. It is a side-project for the members of French black metal act Glorior Belli and TFIEOL was initially meant to be a Glorior Belli album. However the band members felt that the avant-garde metal sound they had created didn't fit in with the rest of their Glorior Belli output, so they decided to create 11 As In Adversaries as an outlet for their more experimental ideas. The meaning of their name lies within a numerological context where ‘ELEVEN’ stands for what is beyond ‘TEN’, numbers from 1 to 10 are representative of the law/order and cosmic completion. 11 is a manifestation of freedom and rebellion for its magick can bring one to defy the limitations imposed by the Demiurge. There are actually eleven letters in the word ‘adversaries’, so: 11 As In A D V E R S A R I E S. Be fearful of what lies beyond Ten! The Full Intrepid Experience of Light combines dark and moody rock with the most avant-garde ends of extreme metal. Utterly twisted yet surprisingly melodic, it really has it all: Jazz, Blues, Noise, Metal, Punk and Prog...

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