In 1997 we recorded our first album 1125 in the Czad studio in Swarzedz. At the same time we started to play more shows all over Poland. Soon, Bezkoc, the owner of the Pasazer record company, got interested in the material and decided to produce it. The album was released in May the following year. It proved to be a good seller which led to a greater interest in the band and, effectively, more gigs offers. In 1998 we recorded material for a split record with the Swedish band Within Reach. It was produced by Shing and released on vinyl in autumn of the same year. The release was followed by a tour in Poland with Within Reach (7 shows). Also, between the years 1997 and 1998 we played a few shows with Swedish bands Burst and Misconduct. Successful collaboration with Pasazer resulted in producing our next album, Plonie mi serce, which was recorded in the Swedish Soundlab studio in January 1999. The CD was released in the same year. At the same time Piotr, and later Szymon, made guest appearances in Schizma and this was when we played most of our concerts under the name Unity 2000 Crew. Also in 1999 Dawid left the band. The next album came out in 2000. It was a split record with Frontside from Sosnowiec titled Sprawiedliwosc. The poor quality of the album forced us to record our next material in Sweden again. It was recorded in 2001 but we had to wait for its release over a year (our collaboration with Bezkoc started to break down). The album saw the light of day in the middle of ...

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