12 O'Clock on a Subway

12 O'Clock on a Subway is an instrumental rock band utilizing only a bass guitar with effects pedals and a drum machine, with the songs being collaborated on by Dave (the bassist) and Daniel (the drummer) over the internet. Their full length album, Axon Terminal Subversion, is available for download on Last.fm for free at this link. The full history of the band is as follows: There was this guy named Dave that messed around on a Squier P-Bass. Yeah, it was that sweet of a bass guitar. He got bored playing bass by himself. He started experimenting with a drum machine program on the PC and tried to make a self-recorded song. It turned out that Dave didn't know much about drumming. He asked his friend and drummer Daniel, who at the time lived on the other side of the state of California to make up some beats for him on the drum machine program and send them to him over the internet, kinda like those the Postal Service people. Dave arranged the beats into a song, then added bass guitar with various effects from his distortion/overdrive guitar pedal, bass chorus pedal and bass wah-wah pedal. Just one problem: Dave can't sing or write respectable lyrics. Solution? Don't have any. And this is how 12 O'Clock on a Subway was born in October of 2005. A decent number of people decided they liked the instrumental music of 12 on their official MySpace website located at http://www.myspace.com/12oclockonasubway. Surprisingly, a decent number of people also offered to sing for 12, but s...

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