12 Rods

Originally called Ryan'z Bihg Hed, 12 Rods were an indie rock band from Oxford, Ohio, USA that formed in 1992 while the members were in high school, moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1995, and amicably ended in 2004. They self-released an album called Bliss in 1993 and the gay? EP in 1996, one year after moving to Minneapolis. 12 Rods signed with V2 in 1996 and re-released gay? while they recorded a new album. Split Personalities, which many consider their best album, was released in 1998. After two strong releases, despite the departure of drummer Christopher McGuire, 12 Rods looked set to make some sort of an impact on the charts with their next album, the Todd Rundgren-produced Separation Anxieties, but it was not to be. The album failed miserably, both critically and commercially, and 12 Rods were dropped by V2. They struggled on for one more album, 2002's self-released Lost Time, but ceased to be as of 2004. Currently, Ev plays keyboards for Halloween, Alaska. Ryan performs as FoodTeam using circuit-bent keyboards as a part of the band Mystery Palace on ZOD Records. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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