12 Truths

12 Truths. Formed: October 2009. Band Members: Mark Stratton - Guitar/Lead Vocals. Eddie Marco - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals. Danny Traynor - Drums. Influences - Music,Life itself, love,emotions. Sounds like: Everything you ever wanted but were afraid to wish for! Truely awesome rock Tunes Created by the guys, based on lifes ups and downs. .....and so it began, Mark started creating 12 Truths with a little help from his friends... After a very drunken night of Jack Daniels and Coke, Danny Traynor, sticksman extraordinaire and the ears of a bat, joined him on the drum stool, with the most rock solid drumming that one could ever hope to play to. Soon after, Dan met up with his old mucka Eddie Marco, and after a few words, the rhythm section with more oomph than an oompah band, decided that 12 Truths were going to propell them into space and that being on the journey they might see some stars and galaxies otherwise unattainable to us mortals. Eddie climbed on board the rocket ship with some sub sonic 5 string bass that would suck the ozone from your layer (Watch out ladies!). And so it came to pass. Make sure the seat belts are clicked in Major Tom. Houston, we dont have a problem. With really strong original material the band are getting out and doing what they love best, gigging. Causing a storm with a loud live set and changing the scene as they go. Look out for these guys playing live in and around Basingstoke and surrounding areas......... Their...

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