12 Years Ago

12 Years Ago is a band a with influences all across the metal and hardcore spectrum and beyond, originally formed in Spring of 2008 by guitarist Jeff Tomasic and former members in Greenwood Indiana under the name Demora. After 2 years of set backs and numerous lineup changes, Jeff moved back home to Ohio where he found members that suited the band's needs and had the dedication they've needed from the start. Passion and determination are what fuel this band, they just refuse to give up no matter what is thrown their way. With a wide variety of influences and styles, as well as high energy live performances, they aim to bring something new to the table. Something that will hopefully keep fans coming back for more. They recorded a 3 song EP in August 2010 and played a handful of shows until financial issues forced them into a yet another indefinite hiatus. During the rest of 2010, they put a lot of focus on writing new material and preparing for a full length album. They recorded 4 brand new songs at the end of January, a small preview of what's yet to come. 2011 will bring a lot of new things from this band, and will hopefully turn even more heads and get them the attention they've been working hard for. Current Lineup: Jeff Tomasic - Guitar(2008 - present) Dillon Johnson - Vocals(2011-present) Hayden Wallace - Bass(2011 - present) Past members: Ben Johnson - Guitar(2008) Andrew Dancy - Guitar(2010) Ben Smith - Bass(2010 - 2011) Bryan Wood - Drums(2008 & 2010) Max McDo...

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