12012 is a Japanese rock band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2003. The band's original lineup was vocalist 宮脇渉 (Wataru Miyawaki), guitarist 酒井洋明 (Hiroaki Sakai), guitarist 須賀勇介 (Yusuke Suga), bassist 塩谷朋之 (Tomoyuki Enya), and drummer 川内亨 (Toru Kawauchi). Yusuke Suga left the band on December 12, 2010 following the final concert of their The Fangs of Killer「Seven」Sadness tour. He wasn't replaced until 2013 when former support guitarist 齋藤紳一郎 (Shinichirou Saitou) officially joined the band. 12012 started their activities in 2003 on UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Like all other UNDER CODE bands, they had a concept, which was called Ningen no Naimen ni Okeru Kyouki (人間の内面における狂気; madness inside a human). The band's name comes from the California, USA penal code for possession of a dangerous weapon. They officially debuted on July 28 with the single depression sign. They ended their indie era on February 28, 2007 by graduating the label along with Vidoll. As an indies band, they released various EPs and their debut full-length album PLAY DOLLs. 12012 then signed with major label NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS, a subsidiary of Universal Music Japan, and released their next three full-lengths, DIAMOND, mar maroon, and SEVEN. In 2011, they signed with FIREWALL DIV., a label under Free-Will which also publishes DIR EN GREY and MERRY. They released their fifth album 12012 on March 14, 2012. This album marked a new era for the band; they ...

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