1208 (sometimes pronunced twelve-o-eight or twelve-zero-eight) is the name of a punk rock band, which had several evolutions, mainly containing two continuing members, Neshawn Hubbard, and Alex Flynn. Flynn, being the nephew of Black Flag & SST Records founder Greg Ginn, brought a level of security and insecurity to the band. The name 1208 came from the apartment number they first shared. Recently, there has been some confusion over whether 1208 had broken up or not while their future was uncertain between 2005 and 2007. Although their official website recently went offline. When it comes to punk rock, it's hard nowadays to find a band that will play straightforward music, with power chords, basslines, drums, and a strong message to send across. One of these few bands is a band known as 1208, which formed in 1995 under frontman Alex Flynn, nephew of Black Flag's Greg Ginn. Their brand of anthemic, catchy, and straightforward punk rock caught the attention of Pennywise's guitarist Fletcher Dragge, who helped them get signed to Epitaph Records, and also produced their Epitaph Debut, Feedback is Payback. Along with 1208, Dragge also helped produce and promote Epitaph lablemates The Deviates. The main forte of these bands that Dragge has taken under his wing is that they are good punk rock bands that play straightforward, no B.S. punk rock. That's also their downfall, because, well, it just gets so bland and repetitive, especially in the case of the Deviates. Musically, 1208 i...

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