dilara sakpınar: vocals, synth  feryin kaya: bass guitar berke can özcan: drums, percussion + arda erboz: guitars, trombone seçil kuran: vibraphone, percussion Starting their musical journey back in 2004, 123, in other words one, two, three, released their debut album aksel in November 2009. aksel included 14 songs, that tells the story of a boy named aksel, an owl and a whale. aksel is a cd/book with 230 pages of illustrations made by Huban Korman. In May 2010, the band released an ep named stereo love, that contains 6 tracks. Just before the end of 2010, 123's third album arve was released. arve has 15 songs, and it's actually the second part of the story that was started in the album aksel. arve is also a cd/book with 190 pages of photography taken by Irmak Altiner. The Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen is a featured guest on the title song arve. Another album entitled anja is being produced which is the conclusion story that started with aksel, but before anja, the band released their fourth album LARA in january 2012. LARA puts the emphasis on Dilara’s mesmerizing voice and poignant lyrics. The album also features three notable guest musicians - İlhan Erşahin plays saxophone on Sun in the arms of love, Hakan Kurşun sings and plays guitar on Yokuz and percussionist Arto Tunçboyacıyan sings and plays on Trip. All four albums of the band can be bought online through mikrop gramofon's web site. They can also all be bought on itunes. 123 is also known for i...

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