Several bands/artists go by the name of 13: 1. a sludge/doom metal band from New York, NY, United States. 2. a grunge band from Pilsen, Czech Republic. 3. an indie blues/rock & roll band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 4. a DJ and producer from Seattle, WA, United States. 5. a metal visual kei band from Kansai, Japan. See 「13」 6. hip-hop artist from Hollywood, Los Angeles. 7. a heavy/thrash metal band from Lithuania (1988-1989) . 8. a modern streetpunk / oicore band from Russia 1. Formed in 1992 in New York, 13 are a sludge/doom metal band with members of Electric Wizard and Sourvein. With lyrics that often focus on alienation and abuse, they started out as Thunderpussy 13 in 1990. Guitarist Liz Buckingham, and drummer Ellen Mieczkowski, were the founders of this creation. After dropping the name 'Thunderpussy', they recruited singer Alicia Morgan (who is also the girlfriend of Mike Williams of Eyehategod) and bassist, Sean in 1992 (who left in 1993). Inspired by Celtic Frost, St. Vitus, Melvins, Winter and Mountains, their mission was to play music that hurts you physically when you hear it!. Their first demo contained three songs and had a guest appearance by native New Yorker Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth. They also did split 7s with Grief (a band they were closely tied with) from Boston, MA, on Grievance Records and Eyehategod. After playing several shows in and outside of New York with bands such as Pungent Stench, St. Vitus, Buzzoven, Misery,...

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