13 Amp

The following was copied from his myspace. -13 Amp- started off as just another underground music fan. After a friend let him borrow an Insane Clown Posse album he started getting into more underground hip hop, at that time mostly Horrorcore. When he went online and going to different underground music stores and started getting the music the more his love grew for it. He started getting into groups like House Of Krazees (2 members later formed Twiztid), Necro, Ill Bill and Eminem. As he looked more and more into it he started reading more into the lyrical aspect of it all. He then started rapping on beats he downloaded on the Internet under the name -HiTTMaNN-. It was mostly horrorcore rap with a little bit of punchline rap. As his musical tastes grew, so did his own style. As he continued rapping he started listening to more lyrical hip hop, such as Chino XL, Canibus, Eminem, Big L etc. He started battling on the Internet and at school. He soon changed his name to -13 Amp- after hearing a rapper on Aftermath by the name of Hitman. He started writing a whole lot more and got into a battle style of rhyming. He met an underground producer by the name of Skadad. He was making his own beats and rapping over them. He was on a horrocore tip but also seemed to have a little battle rap style to it. Skadad started producing a whole lot more and started to stop rapping as much. He changed his name to Badan and started producing beats for -13 Amp. They then released his first ep en...

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