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With the release of their debut album, “Those Left Standing”, and a spring tour in the works, 13 MAG has launched into 2012 with the hammer down and they’re catching everyone’s ear. Listed as one of Project Independent’s top 10 bands for 2012 they are quickly becoming one of the most talked about independent bands on the scene. With a sound that has been described as “Relentless and brutal” (Metal Underground) and vocals that are “Whiskey Soaked” (Metal Sanaz), 13 MAG is blazing their own trail into the metal mainstream. 13 MAG formed in Hillyard, WA in early 2010. Driven by their collective “refined bitterness” that stems from a life of hard work and disappointment they quickly asserted themselves as ”The voice for the underdog… for the people that have never been handed anything in life”. Influenced by bands like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica and Clutch, 13 MAG’s music is as powerful as what they stand for. Matched up with a stage performance that will commit an assault on anyone’s senses, 13 MAG has established themselves as heavy hitters. With US tour dates booked throughout the spring and summer, including several festivals, 13 MAG will be bringing their “American Reality” to you…and you won’t want to miss it. Stay up to date with all things 13 MAG by going to www.facebook.com/13magband, www.reverbnation.com/13mag or follow on Twitter @13MAGband. 13 Mag is: Kevin Blodgett - Leads, Vocals Mike Bonin - Rhythm Jon Vensel - Bass Tommy ...

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