13 Winters

13 Winters was originally founded by Roy, Diana and Mike in the autumn of 2001 in United States. Joined with Dan on guitar and Pat on bass, they made the dark embrace demo. They originally gave it away for free from their website. Over 300 copies were distributed across the country and some over seas. It was very well received by all who got one. Unfortunately, Dan wanted to go a different direction and left the band in early winter of 2003. He was soon replaced by Matt in mid-winter of 2003. This was the start of a long period of difficulties that would plague the band for three more years. In spring of 2003, Pat left to join Hollow Image, which was a band he was far better suited for. In the winter of 2004, Roy, Diana, Mike & Matt recorded their first full length album Where The Souls Wander in Roy’s home studio and released it through his own label, Dark Valley Records. Due to a poor quality monitor system and too many people getting their hands into the mixing pie, the album’s mix was bad. Also during the recording process, Matt’s inexperience on guitar became evident. Unfortunately, the band refused to see it due to both a close friendship with Matt and the lack of any suitable guitarist in sight (Maine is very scarce when it comes to musicians). They also passed the mix as “Good enough” only later to see that sound quality was the first complaint they would hear, the guitar work being the second. This caused the band to not push the album as much as it should have...

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