1314 is the new project by Gene Bogolepov (ex-Gender ID), created in late 2013 as an experimental solo project to explore what music without defined limitations could be like. After doing a few trial solo shows throughout 2014, Gene introduced the project in Spring 2015, by releasing two singles (Ministry of Secrets, My New Device) and doing a series of shows in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany. Unlike most Russian artists, Gene is not limiting his new project to the usual constraints of a band. 1314 shows can take any form, depending on the venue and the situation - from a full live band, to a solo show performed by Gene. 1314 defines itself using the somewhat exotic – and possibly self-invented – term trip-pop, which suits it surprisingly well. The project’s music is catchy and even radio-friendly, but still experimental and trippy. Gene made a name for himself as leader of the Russian electro-rock band Gender ID, which shared a stage with the likes of Placebo, Editors, Ladytron and other major international acts. Alas, after 8 years of success, Gender ID announced an indefinite hiatus in 2013, giving Gene the opportunity to focus on his new passion. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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