14 Year Old Girls

14 Year Old Girls. On your mark. The video gaming youth crew known to the world as 14 Year Old Girls started years and years ago. Like two or something. The band’s five members, with a combined weight of 724 pounds, met one Sunday at a matinee showing of The Wizard at a megaplex in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA. Originally called The Link and the Zeldas, our heroes lost that name in a Street Fighter II competition and got stuck with the name 14 Year Old Girls. With their combined gaming skills they have local world championship records in Custer’s Revenge, ChuChu Rocket and Mach Rider. Billy, El Halfy, Honey, Kimmy, Morizy. Ready for action. 14 Year Old Girls are a loosely combined unit, held together by electricity and 8-bit. They make music to accompany your 25-minute drive to work while you dream about stabbing your boss and going home to play hours and hours of video games. While your girlfriend yells at you to stop playing Halo and start playing Pokemon Puzzle. 14 Year Old Girls have appeared on G4 Tech TV's X-Play, The Screen Savers, and Players, been written up in GamePRO, EGM, GameNOW and more, have played shows with the likes of Gravy Train!!!!, Pansy Division and The Briggs. They once played at Magic Mountain and they have played at an Elks Lodge. Maximum Rock'n'Roll called them Quite endearing and Punknews.org declared them the inventors of Nintendo punk. 14 Year Old Girls are about not selling out (yet) and about positive game legislation. This is punk. Ni...

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