14U (원포유; pronounced 'One For You') is a boy group signed with Baekgom Entertainment (BG Entertainment). The 14 member group debuted in July of 2017 with the single, 'VVV'. The 14 member group is composed of two sub-units; Xplosive and Lucky. The Xplosive unit aims for a strong image with explosive charisma and masculinity. Lucky, on the other hand, aims for a cute and lively image. Xplosive B.S (비에스) - Rapper, Dancer, Xplosive's Team Leader E.Sol (이솔) - Leader, Vocalist Gohyeon (고현) - Main Vocalist Loudi (로우디) - Vocalist Doyool (도율) - Rapper, Visual Dohyuk (도혁) - Main Vocalist Hero (영웅) - Vocal, Rapper Lucky Eunjae (은재) - Main Vocalist, Lucky's Team Leader Luha (루하) - Main Vocalist Woojoo (우주) - Vocalist Hyunwoong (현웅) - Rapper Rio (리오) - Main Dancer, Vocalist Sejin (세진) - Vocalist, Dancer Gyeongtae (경태) - Vocalist, Maknae Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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