14against5 is currently one of Poland's most promising punk rock bands. After having released their first album in 2006 the band proved their significant position on the Polish punk rock scene. The album 13th Day of January has a Californian Punk flavor, strong guitar tunes and solos combined with original and captivating vocals. The general sound is similar to bands such as Yellowcard or The Ataris. The four band members Artur, Radek, Przemek and Maciek previously played in April, Oreiro and Only Way Out, also Polish bands.The band name stands for Never Against Equality (hinting the alphabetical position of letters 14 and 5).The name is reflected in the emotionally powerful lyrics and melodies. When listening to the album a moral message is delivered to the addressees, ;don't look back, isn`t worth studying the past, nobody can fix it back just like you won't see the sun at night. Their music is mature in the way that it's not about meaningless themes, but about aspects of life which relate to us the audience in some way. The moods of the songs also change through rhythm, perfect example being 13th day of January and N.I.K.E. Another quality of the band is being able to write and perform in English and Polish. 14against5 are by far different from typical Polish punk bands and hopefully in the future will be a successful export in the international punk rock scene. ANNA ...nasza historia ma poczatek na przelomie roku 2003/2004. Wtedy wlasnie Artur z Mackiem grali w oldchoolo...

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