15 Minutes Late

15 Minutes Late was a Chicago local band. They are now known as Logan Square. Their music has many influences but is mostly their own variation of emo/pop punk. Guitarist/vocalist Brad Chagdes, bassist Steve Lyons, and drummer Chris Smith met at an Illinois suburban high school in early 2000. They played at parties and local clubs and eventually recorded their self-titled E.P. In 2002 they stretched to two guitars by adding Lance Tamras. With their second guitarist, and new found creativity they recorded their second E.P., Bitter Ends...New Beginnings. With this album they got more recognition and played shows with Motion City Soundtrack, Story of the Year and Bowling for Soup. Then they began to mingle on gigs with Lucky Boys Confusion, and LBC's front man Stubhy offered to manage 15 Minutes Late. They toured the Midwest together, selling out venues like the Metro and House of Blues in Chicago, the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NB and The Galaxy in St. Louis, MO. After the tour 15 Minutes Late started their first full-length, Is This How You Feel? which was released in September 2003 along with two music videos. After the album was released, the 2nd guitarist, Lance left 15 Minutes Late. In December, Brandon Green joined the group. Through a bunch of other 2nd guitarist changes, somewhere along the line 15 Minutes Late changed their name to Logan Square. Logan Square currently released Pessimism & Satire in 2006 through Fearless Records and are going strong since. Read more o...

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