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The knack of writing great choruses is pivotal to the art of the popsong. Some people can get away without it, and still be great. James Brown springs to mind-his grooves were so deep, he didn’t even need songs or lyrics-just the occasional ‘good god!’ For the rest of us mortals, however, the ‘sticky’ refrain remains an ever-elusive goal. Before you run and have a shower, ‘sticky’ is a phrase coined by writers of American radio jingles. That’s your bad mind. Let me share something with you, gentle reader. A few weeks ago, I was in a hep beatnik hangout in the Aigburth area watching a fine four-piece combo. They played a song, and when the chorus arrived, I nearly had a heart attack! The melody, a beautiful descending minor scale over a melancholic chord cycle is so addictive, I spent a week in The Priory at the expense of Liverpool.com attempting to recover from it. The song ‘My Love’ has now been recorded at Parr Street produced by the legendary Sonikk Bid, adorned with three part harmonies and latin-style horns, and I can only describe the result as the best Liverpool pop song since ‘There She Goes’-yes, that good. Come here, there’s more. Fifteen Storeys High are disgustingly young, all early twenties, and like Ryan Babel, they are only going to get better, peel off the wing and score goals. Sorry, that’s where the analogy breaks down somewhat. Tom, Will and Si (vocals, guitar and bass respectively) are three brothers from the north end of our...

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