16 Down

Debut-albums always give a good indication for qualities and identity of new bands. 16Downs firstborn Headrush has brought quite some people in surprise, They showed their subtle and sensitive side with their radiohits Subtle Movements and Heaven still cries, but they suddenly change settings and overwhelm you with dynamic, in your face guitar rocksongs. This diversity brought the band a lot of media attention, as Subtle Movements has been the song with highest airplay-rates for weeks on National Radio. On stage, 16Down impressed on the bigger Dutch outdoor festivals like Lowlands, Parkpop and Bospop; with their variety of songs they succeeded in pleasing the big crowds. Their new album was due to release spring 2003, but the band had to reschedule their recording sessions. Dutch rockstar Anouk asked 16Down to do supports during her Graduated Fool Tour, visiting 17 sold-out venues across Holland. Second Surprise: Andreas Ahlenius, known for his production on Saybias the Second you Sleep, has been introduced to 16Down and joined singer/guitarist Marco Hovius as a co-producer. October 2003, the new album Life in a Fishbowl has been released. The album is a balanced result of influences, character and variety, emphasizing the strong elements of 16Down: dynamics, melody, surprise and renewal. The album has been pre-announced by feature-single The Day that I met You. After some weeks, this single brings again a great radio-success for 16Down. All eminent radiostations have had the...

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