16 Frames

16 FRAMES is : - Steve Sulikowski (Vocals) former frontman of dropline - Josh Dunahoo (Guitars) former guitarist in Avion and Trading Yesterday - Joey Clement (Bass) former guitarist for David Cook - Daniel James (Drums) 16 Frames is the creation of frontman and songwriter Steve Sulikowski. After hearing Back Again, Clive Davis, the legendary record executive, immediately signed him to his label, Arista Records. Sulikowski then went on to record the songs that would become the foundation of 16 Frames including Close Range and Where It Ends” with famed producer Matt Serletic at the helm. With most of my songs, I try to tell a story, but at the same time, I leave the door open for people to fill in the blanks - its meaning can then apply to something very personal to me and to the listener. After watching No Direction Home Martin Scorsese’s documentary on Bob Dylan, Sulikowski began to feel his approach to songwriting evolve. I started to look at the whole creative process unfolding in a way like a movie.” It also inspired him to choose the band's name, 16 Frames, the lowest frequency at which continuous motion can be perceived. “16 Frames is that moment when things become focused, become clear. 16 Frames’ future is anything but static with their music already featured on “Men In Trees” and on MTV’s “The Hills.” 16 Frames recently toured with Sheryl Crow, Crowded House and Pete Yorn and their debut album Where It Ends is available now. Read more on Last.fm. User-...

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