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Like the Pale Fountains and the Lotus Eaters, 16 Tambourines were a '60s-influenced guitar pop band from Liverpool, England that acquired more critical acclaim than album sales. Although they were signed to a major label, 16 Tambourines' true home was in the no-frills independent music scene, where their heartfelt, lovingly crafted soft rock was welcomed like a warm kiss. Although 16 Tambourines didn't form until 1985, vocalist Steve Roberts and bassist Tony Elliott had actually met in 1981 while trying to start another group, Total Action. However, a handful of acoustic performances failed to recruit more members to the band, and Roberts and Elliott eventually walked away from it. Three years later, Steve was in a band Indangerous Rhythm with Tony Macguigan and when they split they hastily formed 16 Tambourines to play the Drums Over The Mersey festival at Liverpool's Royal Court, naming themselves after an LP by psychedelic revivalists the Three O'Clock, Elliot joined soon afterwards. Followed by Brian Chin-Smithers. The group became well connected with the local scene and created a buzz with their constant gigging. In 1985, 16 Tambourines recorded a three-track demo featuring Hope (A Man for All Seasons), Jumpin' in the Fire, and I Wouldn't Want to Stop. The tape attracted the attention of U.K. DJ Con McConville, providing the young band with some radio exposure. By 1987, 16 Tambourines had a bigger lineup with the additions of percussionist Dr. Perry Pineapple, guitarist ...

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